Choosing Between Proxy IP Residential and Data Center Proxies

If you want to surf the internet anonymously without the whole world knowing where you are and what are you doing online by your IP address, then proxies are a must-have thing for you. Most of the people may use proxy IP residential while others may use data center, you can make this choice depending on what you like, and based on a lot of other factors, some of which are discussed below.

Choosing Between Proxy IP Residential and Data Center Proxies

It is a very important question. The choice is based simply on the fact that how do the two systems work.

Proxy IP Residential works by masking your original IP and replacing it with some other IP, which is still genuine and is provided by an ISP. It just does not belong to you; and because the IP is still a legitimate one, provided by a legitimate ISP, it makes it difficult to be detected as a proxy.

Data center proxies, on the other hand, do not use a valid ISP. The bright side to data center proxies is that they are easy to use and affordable. These do not cost a whole lot of money, like the residential may do. Data proxies are also typically faster than the residential so you can achieve what you want to do in a comparatively shorter period of time.

Residential proxies are however important because they do not require multiple IP addresses. And can work without having to change the IP every single time the person uses the internet.

Benefits of Using Proxies

Proxies are an important tool of anonymity. They come in handy for keeping you secure and away from the hackers, by hiding your original IP address. They also play a major role in you surfing the internet without any restrictions. Proxies let you visit websites that have otherwise been banned for use in your country or particularly your region.

A little mischievous side is, that even the websites of social networking or entertainment that may have been banned from the computers of your school, you can access them by using Proxy IP Residential.

Where to Buy Proxies?

Let me ask you a question. If you were off to buy a really expensive car, you would first research everything about it, right? Same is the case with investing money, or basically everything. You wouldn’t just throw your money away without knowing all the features and aspects of the thing that you’re putting your money into. Same is the case with buying proxy servers. I suggest you do your complete research, ask your friends, read reviews, and then decide where you should put your money.

That being said, I can help you reach the goal myself. Microleaves is the name that comes to my mind when I talk about Proxy IP residential.

Amazing Deals at Microleaves

Check out their website at and decide for yourself. They have categorized the deals according to the needs of their clients. They have every sort of proxy, dynamic or static, residential and data center. You can contact them and book your favorite proxy package, with the surety that they have the most reliable service in the market of proxies. They deliver what they commit because their client is their utmost priority.

If on the way you do not like the package they are providing or you’re simply not satisfied generally by the service, you can return the product and get your refund using their three-day money back guarantee. They put the customer in the center because that’s where you belong.

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