Benefits of Dedicated Private Proxy Services

The primary objective of using a proxy is to navigate anonymously over the internet. As the proxy is accessing the web proxy, the proxy may or may not reveal who the user is using it. The web proxy may then be aware that they are accessing it, but you may think that the user accessing it is the proxy itself, rather than the actual user behind the proxy. Here in this article, we have dedicated private proxy terminology explained for you. So all you have to do it read this blog, and you will be capable of deciding the type of proxy that is fit for your use.  Let’s start with the benefits of dedicate proxy.

Benefits of Dedicated Private Proxy

Greater Security

When we use a shared proxy, we will be working with the security provided by the provider. It’s a bit complicated because if the provider has not configured correctly the permissions and access, other users can see what we have stored; and in the worst case, modify or inject malicious code. Obviously, this with a dedicated proxy does not happen, because it is only us who will be there. So if the access is not placed in the correct way, only you can access everything.

Intensive Use

Another great benefit is that you can run lots of applications and programs in the same time. Unlike the working principle on a shared proxy, because in that case the resources are divided between the numbers of users and if a user blocks the proxy, all those who are housed in it, will be virtually incommunicado. However, when we are working on a dedicated proxy, both the disk space and the intensive consumption of CPU cycles will be ours alone. A dedicated private proxy has following features:

Complete Administration

There are administrative privileges within a proxy, which other proxy types such as shared proxy providers cannot offer because privacy must be maintained between accounts. However, with a dedicated private proxy, you will have all the privileges an administrator profile has. And you will be able to perform interactive functions in it, depending on how many sessions you have.

Installing Applications from Proxy

As a benefit to administrator’s management experts, we get the ability to install applications on the dedicated private proxy. On a shared proxy, we are allowed to install some CGI or ASP applications that can be stored within space provided by the service provider. You have to install several applications from the administration panel of a proxy. These applications are much more complex and allow us to enjoy functions that on a shared proxy you cannot install, but only on a dedicated proxy.

It can be cheaper

This benefit applies only in case your website or your many websites that you create have a lot of visits. This is mainly because if you contract a shared proxy, it will have a limit at some point because the provider only provides a small part of the resources of the full proxy, which will require you to contract more hosting plans or request storage or greater resource capacity, which will generate a higher expense. Unlike a dedicated private proxy, where you will have control of everything and you will not need extra storage, as you will have all the storage and resources available for you.


We hope that after going through above information, you have fully understood the dedicated private proxy. And if you are looking for more information regarding the topic, stay tuned to our blog!

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