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Proxies are the IP addresses that people use to hide original IP address. Static Residential proxy is used to keep you secure from all the threats that come with your original IP address. When you’re off to buy residential proxies, you must first do a lot of research into what products and what deals should you consider. Should you go for residential proxies or data center proxies? Actually, it means that your IP address is connected to a point. Now there are two further subdivisions of residential proxies; Static and dynamic. We will talk about static residential proxies and how they can be a better option in different business and domestic applications.

Static Residential Proxy Terminology Explained

If you’re using the static residential proxy, it means that you will have the same IP address every time you will start surfing the internet. Dynamic means that you will have a different IP number but it will always be connected to your identifying factor.

If you don’t know what your IP address is and want to know about it, you simply have to go to a website like What Is My IP Address, and they will tell you right away by tracking it. This means that your IP is highly accessible. They will even provide you with the information, about your internet service provider, your country, city and even the region that you belong to.

The companies that provide the static residential proxy will sell the IP addresses to other people. It means that they will shuffle the IP addresses of all of their clients, which will make their original locations all shuffled up. A person browsing the internet in Australia will have an IP of a person in the States and vice versa. This will help to secure your location and prevent you from malicious software that may intend to pry into you cyber privacy.

Companies Providing Residential Proxy

If you’re planning to buy residential proxies for your IP address, it’s important that you consider every possible opportunity. It is necessary that you choose a company that provides you what you are looking for. The price range should be compatible with your budget and you should get the best at the cheapest rate possible. Also, there should be deals that will suit your demands and needs. The name that comes to my mind is Microleaves.

Microleaves Residential Proxy

Microleaves is a website that deals with all kind of residential proxies and data center proxies. Whatever you wish for, you may find it on our website. We offer you the best deals that fit into your requirements. We have the best price packages according to your needs.

The company believes that the security and safety of client are the utmost priority. We try to make every possible effort to make sure we are delivering what we promised to our client. Clients don’t have an idea about the kinds of trackers that are being used in the world of internet. There are multiple tracking and detection ways that the websites are using including Java and cookies etc.

If you want help in deciding whether you want to go for static residential proxies from Microleaves, we suggest you may read our customer reviews because they will help you and guide you towards what you need. Customer and client remarks are unbiased and they will help you better, from one customer to another. And you will be able to understand what you truly need in order to secure yourself while using the internet.

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