All about Dedicated Private Proxy

Want to know it all about dedicated private proxy? In this blog, you will understand a dedicated private proxy in an excellent manner. The web proxy is a device that is usually closer to your computer than the proxy we are accessing. This usually has what we call a cache, with a copy of the web pages that are visited. Then, if several people who access the Internet through the same proxy access the first website. The proxy first physically access the target proxy, requests the page. And then saves it in the cache, and sends it to the user who requested it.

In successive access to the same information by different users, the proxy only checks if the requested page is in the cache and has not been modified since the last request. In that case, it sends the user the copy that it has in the cache. This improves the performance or speed of the Internet connection of the computers behind the proxy.

Factors of a Dedicated Private Proxy

Dedicated hosting should be able to support a lot of factors, which possibly a normal machine would not resist. Assuming you are thinking of building your own proxy at home. You should be environmentally correct so that the execution of the proxy does not suffer setbacks.

  • 24 x 7 connections. Dedicated proxy is certainly dedicated to 100%, 24 hours, 7 days a week and throughout the year. Your proxy needs to support this, so you have to manage to maintain the temperature of your proxy certainly low, otherwise, you could simply overheat.
  • Peaks of Activity. Something you should always take care of is that your dedicated proxy has the ability to withstand the peaks of activity that arise during the day. It is very important that it is in its respective heated area. However, its resources must be available for peak hours, where it has a greater number of processes in execution.
  • Application support with databases. This is important; there are applications that generate databases, which are regularly a hard hit to disk access. Mainly because these applications have a constant access to the databases. And it means that your disks are always working constantly, generating a greater heat in the proxy and causing that if you do not have a good system of cooling simply stops working.
  • Intensive CPU usage. This point is very important because a dedicated proxy will basically have an intensive use of processing. However, a dedicated proxy of quality can withstand anything, even more, when you have the proxy for email or for dynamic applications, which require constant processing.

Average Price of a Dedicated Proxy?

As you know, there are a lot of companies who offer different rent space, proxy, and storage. Microleaves is one of the best company. However many of the users categorize them according to their prices. While you will not find free hosting if what you need is quality, but if you can see some dedicated proxies, for which you would pay to try.


Dedicated private proxy is beneficial most of the times. However, some companies even offer you what are free domains, although we personally are not one of those who acquire domains for free. It is always better to buy the domain on your own and independently to the company where we have the dedicated hosting. We tried to get dedicated private proxy terminology explained in an efficient manner to you. For more information and updates, keep coming to the blog section and get yourself acquainted with the recent developments in the proxy world!

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