Advantages of Backconnect Residential Proxies

Backconnect residential proxies are a type of private proxies in which a single computer is using proxies. Now you can browse the internet without any worry of getting hacked. Some of the people think that backconnect proxies are a type browser extension which gets attached with browser. But in reality, backconnect proxies are connected to the internet through your DSL and some software internet service providers are operating them. You just need to plug the wire and use the internet. Backconnect proxies are having some of the basic advantages which will discuss today and you will get surprised.

Advantages Of Backconnect Residential Proxies


When you are on the internet your only identity is your IP address. Web sites save those IP addresses and when you visit next time they have all your record present there. If you are using backconnect proxies you are anonymous over the internet. Now no website can observe your presence. Every time when you visit the same website with different proxies you will have the better experience.


If you have the secret information which you do not want to share on websites you should use security measurements. You must use backconnect residential proxies to hide the information. SSL is not secure layers in that sometimes data never encrypt. You’re all the messages are available on the internet without encryption which can easily use by others. For that purpose, you are using proxies because the proxies are the only way to encrypt the data which you are sending on the network.

User Monitoring

When you are in a large company you can never limit the internet usage easily. You build some rules on internet usage for your employees but most of them are not following rules. If you are using backconnect residential proxies you can easily limit the internet usage of internet. You can restrict websites which is not much worthy to use in office timing. In the end of the month, you will notice the power of proxies’ restrictions.


To buy static proxies is very easy and affordable method you can purchase one or two and pay for that. In backconnect proxies, you are purchasing proxies like a package. You have options from 10 to 10000 proxies you can purchase according to your budget. Small companies have the smaller budget so they use small packages that best fits their needs.

Natural Proxies

When you are using backconnect residential proxies for SEO, they look more natural instead of others. You can generate heavy traffic to your website through these proxies. Without any fear of getting blocked for spam traffic as Google bots are very smart in capturing your traffic.

YouTube And Proxies

YouTube is now becoming the major income source for most of the users. Earning through YouTube is not that much easy because there are thousands of videos which upload in every minute. If you want to grow traffic on your YouTube channel you have to boost up your channel. Backconnect residential proxies can also use for this work you can now watch your own videos. When the viewability is increased on YouTube you will become on top. Most of the people are using this method to grow your traffic.

These are the few key features of the proxies which are facilitating lives of internet users in every way. Although technologies are evolving every day and things are getting better to best with the passage of time. Change in proxies will also be positive with the time and this will surely decrease the cyber crimes.

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