Why Backconnect Proxies Are The Best

The neutrality of the internet has made everyone go for buying a proxy. There are many reasons behind the need of these proxy types and why users look up the internet to choose the best proxy type. While they look up the internet, they often come across backconnect proxies. Majority of the users do not really know what Backconnect proxies are. But I would say one thing about them, calling them simple backconnect proxies would be unjustified, I say we call them best backconnect proxies n the internet. Now let’s take a look at how these proxies actually work.

How Backconnect Proxies Work

Backconnect proxies are not as complicated as their name. to start with, it is important that you know w bit about how their system is designed. Backconnect proxies are linked with multiple servers; these servers have further groups of IP addresses working for them. Against each user request, a new IP address is assigned which comes from the pool of over 2000 IP addresses. IP addresses are randomly taken from any country and are assigned to the user, This process guarantees the anonymity of the user.

Why Backconnect Proxies Are The Best

Not just one in face many reasons have made backconnect proxies to be the best one. Below mentioned are few of the many reasons why backconnect proxies are the best.

Super Anonymity

One of the best reasons that makes backconnect proxies the best is high anonymity. There is no way that any website can ever track your visits. The IP address is changed automatically after every 10 minutes which ensures secrecy of your IP address. Since we have already learned about the multiple IP addresses linked with the servers of backconnect proxies, it is evident that they work to hide your online presence.

Geographical Flexibility

This is another great advantage of using backconnect proxies. These proxies allow geographical flexibilities when you go online. To put it in simple words, let me tell you how it works. With backconnect proxies, you are able to access the IP address of any country. So when you visit a website, there is a chance that they will detect your IP, even if they do they will only be able to trace your temporary IP address. This proves that you have the access to the IP address of any country without getting banned.

Protocol Compatibility And Connection Filtration

Another great advantage of backconnect proxies is that you can even filter out the extra internet connection off your computer system. Backconnect proxies also enable you to set custom preferences for your internet connection. You have the access to allow traffic from specific websites and same is the case when you want to visit any site. Apart from that, backconnect proxies are compatible with all internet protocols including Socks and HTTP/HTTPS.

Unlimited Scrapping

Backconnect proxies let you request more sources in a minute than any other proxy type. This is very important when you have to scrape data different websites. Some popular websites like Google and Amazon limit your visits when they notice your frequent visits, this is surely not the case with backconnect proxies. These proxies have the tendencies to deal with captchas as well. This is possible because of the multiple IP addresses which do not let any website limit your rate or bandwidth.


Backconnect proxies are compatible with all types of devices and software. When you are using a normal proxy, you often get to see an error pop telling you that xyz is not compatible with abc. There is no way that you will ever get to face anything like that when you are backed with backconnect proxies.

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