Backconnect Security For DDOS & Infrastructure Protection

Backconnect proxies are known to be one of the most secure proxy types. It is fact that not a lot of people are aware of backconnect proxies and their processes. But once they know how backconnect security works, they start to use it for all time. Backconnect proxies have a number of security features which guarantees high speed internet with anonymity. Let’s take a look at how backconnect security works and what are its advantages.

DDOS Protection With Backconnect Proxies

The infrastructure of backconnect proxies is designed in such a way that it protects any kind of DDoS attack against any service. To ensure smooth connection, their global CDN boosts up the speed every time you send a request. Some of the DDoS features are listed below:

  • DDoS Protection for both individual and subnet proxy
  • Any Service is protected with DDoS (TCP/UDP, FTP, SMTP, VOIP, and SSH etc.)
  • Mitigation capacity to resist any type of cyber attacks
  • Multiple solutions for deliveries (Cross connect, MPLS, GRE)

Infrastructure Protection For subnet Proxies

Backconnect security plays a vital role in protecting all important assets on the infrastructure across /24 or more subnets. To prevent direct IP attacks, the user can request his service provider to activate the service.

To route traffic via backconnect security network, you simply need to announce subnets in blocks of /24 through BGP. Once traffic is passed, the security stack will be activated automatically which will filter all types of malicious traffic. No matter which website you wish to visit, your requests will be dealt as an outgoing traffic and no security pass would be needed.

Filtered traffic is redirected back to the infrastructure through superfluous MLS, cross connect, and GRE tunneling. This can also be done through any third party for example Console or Megaport. There can be times when users have different requests, therefore backconnect security is provided on custom settings.

Infrastructure Protection For individual Proxy

The best thing about infrastructure protection is that it doesn’t require its user to have his own /24 subnet. Backconnect proxy has a unique individual IP infrastructure with most amazing security feature. Protected IP space can be directly received via GRE tunnel in case a user needs it.

This feature is perfect for those users who run smaller programs. Along with those uses, it is also perfect for those who need security for non-web based programs and services. A user can directly access any website if he is protected by backconnect proxy with individual IP. This also prevents direct IP attacks and is perfect for complicated programs.

Advantages Of Backconnect Security


Backconnect proxies have many advantages, some of them are mentioned below:

Resilient Mitigation and Globally Anycasted

No matter what type of network you are using, backconnect security ensures strong protection from any type of online threats. You can safely make online payments and transactions without having to worry about anything.

Complete Transparency

The multi layered security feature guarantees clean and filtered traffic into your IP addresses. This ensures that no services are impacted by the use of backconnect proxies.

All Inclusive Protection

Infrastructure protection enables the security for any type of programs and services from the largest DDoS attacks. This includes all types of industries, for example, gaming, education, data-center, non-profit and healthcare.

24/7 Availability

Most of the companies who provide backconnect proxies also ensure money back guarantee. Their technical staff members are always available 24/7 to respond to their customers’ queries.

Multiple IP Address

One of the best features that you get with backconnect proxies is that it automatically switches the IP address which guarantees high anonymity of any user.

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