A Comparison Of Backconnect Residential And Residential Ips

Do you use proxies? Surely, you would have used it that is why you reading this article. Proxy is a kind of security you use on the internet. When you order to install a wired internet connection at your home, your ISP provides you with a unique IP address. You use that address to work on the internet. In fact, every request you make goes through that IP. This is commonly called as residential IP or residential proxy.

However, residential IP’s usually come with a lot of drawbacks rather than advantages. Issues like low-speed connection or getting banned from different websites are common with residential proxies.  There are some other types of proxies which give the solution to these kinds of problems. One of best solution is in the form of backconnect proxy residential. This kind of proxy helps you to change your IP address while using the internet. It masks your original IP. It lends you a different IP from a third party connection. In this blog we will provide you a comparison of these two types of proxies. Hope, it will be helpful for you.


  • The low-speed connection is a common problem occurs with residential IP’s. It is because most of the residential IP’s are shared among different users. So it makes the internet speed slow. A backconnect proxy residential donates you IP addresses as many as you want to buy. When you connect to a backconnect proxy residential it will keep changing your IP address. It will enhance the speed of your internet connection.
  • In many countries, the government blocks the use of certain websites. Some specific websites are not accessible with normal proxies. Let me give you a solution. How to gain access to those restricted sites? Answer is simple. A backconnect proxy residential is there for you. It changes your IP address. In turn, your ISP will not be able to identify you. In this way, you pass by your ISP server. You can easily open restricted website.
  • Sometimes users of specific area cannot access some websites. Say you are a Pakistani and you want to open a USA-restricted site. Residential proxies fail here. For this, you need to change your IP address to USA. Backconnect proxy residential work here for you. It will issue you IP’s from many different countries.
  • Anonymity is one of the key features of a backconnect proxy residential. Using residential IP can be extremely vulnerable on the internet. Residential IP is information of your location. Hackers use that residential IP address to attack your computer. So that they can gain your personal data. If you want to remain anonymous while transferring money online or doing other sensitive tasks. You need to use backconnect proxy residential.
  • Sometimes websites block you for posting comments from different social media accounts. It is because you are using residential IP address. They can easily trace it. If you have to manage multiple social media accounts, then must use backconnect proxy residential. It will keep changing your IP with every new post. So, websites will not be able to recognize you.

Final words

Backconnect proxies are more expensive than residential proxies, why? It is because they are far safer than residential proxies. Remember nothing is more valuable than your safety.  It is the insanity to buy cheaper proxies and lose your million dollar information. The best thing is to take precautionary measures. So you can avoid losing your personal information. Pay little extra to ensure your safety. However, it is important to buy backconnect proxies from a reliable source. MICROLEAVES is one the top proxy providers in the market. It is the best name in proxy selling.

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