Why you Should Decide to Get Residential Proxy Backconnect

If you think residential proxy backconnect is something illegal then you are wrong in this matter. Because here at Microleaves, you will be able to get all the authentic services with valid reasons. It is completely legal to get the services which protect you over the internet where there would be trackers everywhere to misuse your information. Your information can be shared somewhere you cannot even imagine and in so many ways. You won’t even know and someone will be seeing where you visit and what you see over the internet.

They just need to get your IP address and with the help of other illegal software, they will be able to keep a track how you check on the internet and what you see on your screen all the time.

If you have bank accounts online, they will be able to see the accounts to which is actually really scary. Who would want anyone to view all the information which you have in front of you online? We all know most of our work is done online nowadays to make our life easier but with that, there are thousand other things which come where you have to get protective about yourself.

HTTPS Access with Residential Proxy Backconnect

The IP address is known to be the gateway for a proxy system. It has multiple protocols such as HTTPS, SOCKS, HTTP and more. It uses a single gateway to reach these protocols. Often, both HTTPS and SOCKS are combined to provide accurate results to the clients. Due to the residential proxy backconnect, there is a guarantee of complete uptime which configures private IPs. With the help of residential proxies, when you send a request, it reaches the web server with all the protection without disclosing your information. There would be other user’s information who are not using backconnect proxies, but their information would be open for anyone to use. It is like leaving your wallet on the road for anyone to pick it up who would have a criminal mind. Now you must be getting a clear picture of Backconnect proxies.

Residential proxy backconnect shift your IP address to an unknown address which is impossible for the web server to recognize. If you are working on the internet continuously, then you need backconnect proxies, so the websites are not able to block you away due to the extensive search. A unique address is associated with the computer every time new keyword entered for the research however it also provides you quick results. So basically every click which you make online when you are under the Microleaves services, it will create a new IP address for you. Isn’t it simple but for sure secure for you?

Unlimited Search

Some of the search engines have limited number of requests which can block you away if you overuse them. An individual IP detected automatically by the search engines which block away from the usage. After exceeding the limit, a ban will be on your IP address without you knowing the reason. Therefore, residential proxy backconnect provide you a massive amount of IP address not recognized anywhere around the world of internet. You can use the internet and search engines as long as you want for business or personal purposes. So, you do not have to depend on anything when you use Microleaves. But have a smooth connection to internet which you are free to use as much as you want. You will be charged only once a month for the services automatically.

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