How Backconnected Proxies Are Supported

Whenever you intend to use any type of proxy, you might want a bot to take care of your tasks.  The requirement of many proxy users can be going through many websites on a daily website, sometimes downloading a lot of data from the internet too. Due to frequent visits to similar websites, there is a possibility that the website will flag your IP address due to suspicion. To deal with this problem backconnect proxies is what you need. But before we learn about how backconnect proxies work, let’s take a look at what basically they are.

What Are Backconnect Proxies

Backconnect proxies have dynamic range of IP addresses which it provides to its users. The system of these proxies is designed in a way that each IP address is renewed automatically after every 10 minutes. A pool of IP addresses is linked with backconnect proxies. This pool usually has over 2000 IP addresses which are randomly assigned to the user. These addresses are picked up from different locations, which include western and eastern countries.

How Backconnect Proxies Work

It might sound hard to understand but it is really not the case. The process of backconnect proxies is very easy. It works with the requests of the user which are received by different protocols assigned at the backend. In simple words, let’s say a user has entered a request which is taken by one protocol, the protocol then sends this request to a new server where it forwards it to another server. This is a process of chained servers, where millions of requests are taken and forwarded to hundreds of servers. With each request, the IP address is changed in a matter of seconds.

Traffic Flow With Backconnect Proxies

Backconnect proxies are not only the giant provider of IP addresses but also one of the most secure proxy types. Talking about the traffic, the security system of backconnect proxies have special protocols and servers installed in them. These servers are made to filter traffic type. There is no way that any outsider can harm your computer due to the fact that no malicious traffic is passed through the system. This system works two-way, not only the incoming traffic is filtered but the outgoing requests are also checked before you visit any harmful website.

How Backconnected Proxies Are Supported

Another great advantage of using backconnect proxies is that they are highly compatible with all types of devices. From android to windows and apple, computers to laptops and cell phones, these proxies support every software as well. When connected, backconnect proxies support both Socks and HTTPS/HTTP. A special IP authorization is required for online surfing just like a private proxy. Backconnect proxies are linked with Pay Per Install system which makes them legit than any other proxy type, especially if you compare them with botnet proxies.

Key Points Of BackConnect Proxies

To talk about the key points of backconnect proxies, the first thing that comes into the mind is the quantity of IP addresses linked to it. The IP addresses are provided to the user without having made any impact on the speed of the internet. Without any instability, backconnect proxies ensure high anonymity on the internet. The process of IP changes approximately 1-2 minutes which doesn’t affect the work. These proxies work fast as dedicated proxies especially when it comes to Accounts creations, posting, web crawling and Google Scrapping. Any user can do anything on the internet without having to worry about getting banned from any website. These proxies are a little expensive but totally worth it.

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