Information on Dedicated Proxy

Dedicated proxy is specially assigned to a single user. This is the reason these are getting famous in internet users. Many big companies are offering these proxies because these are the reason of your safety over the internet. You can purchase one or many dedicated proxies over the internet in order to make more secure. Bigger companies are paying for more proxies because they need security for the internal and external network. Here are some of the risks which you can face if you are not using proxies over the web. We will also see the working of these proxies.

Dedicated proxy working

These proxies are always purchased from the companies like Microleaves. These are used by the single user at a time. The company has thousands of proxies and every user with a dedicated proxy is using the unique proxy. You can change the proxy also to be secure over the internet. These proxies are always using like firewalls when you are connected to the network.

Benefits of proxies

Here is the list of side effects if you are not using the dedicated proxy when you are connected to the internet. You can see them for your ease and to be safer on the internet.

Honeypots in proxies

When you are using the internet you are not sure that how many users are available on the network. On the other hand, negative users are always active over the internet at the same time. Cyber crimes are always active over the web. You can get hacked if you are not using proxies and have a direct internet connection. If you are having dedicated proxy by Microleaves you can be safe from the eyes of hackers. They can never get your IP address because of its hide within the shield of proxies. Honey pots are dangerous most of the time they can use your private things also. So you must try hard to get safe from them.

Malicious software

When we have to download work over the web it is very difficult to get hide from the harmful software. This software gets attach with downloading the file and then create the virus in the computer. It is really difficult to recover that computer again and refresh the work. Your old files can be corrupted if this software gets installed on your computer. Recovery becomes a difficult task when you are not taking any secure action over the network. Dedicated proxy is the best solution to this problem. When you’re original IP address is hidden over the network. No extra software can easily download to your computer.

Adult content and proxies

On the internet most of the time adult content market so quickly. This content is sent to you by emails or by putting ads on the websites. This can affect your children as they are also using the internet. You have to take care of them when they are using the internet. This is easy to avoid this type of content by using the dedicated proxy. Now your child’s mental health is safe with the help of proxies.

Key Advantage of proxies

Most of the people do not want to buy these proxies as they think these make the internet slower. Dedicated proxies are very proficient in their speed as per your need. You are the only user of these proxies so the speed is not the issue. Public proxies are somehow dangerous if you want high speed. You must once try these proxies you will never feel disappointed. You will also get the fresh experience of the internet with the help of these proxies.  Do not make the direct connection to the internet to save your privacy.

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