Major Difference Between Residential Proxies And Special Backconnect Proxy

Special Backconnect proxy is a famous topic in the technology circles most of them are discussing them for improvement. Most of the user thinks this is the most dynamic solution for getting safer from hackers and spam which are present on the internet all the time. The comparison between old technologies VS new technologies is very difficult. But on the other hand, we get the idea that what is the facilitation new technologies can provide us. So here is the comparison between residential proxies and Backconnect proxies so far.

Major Difference Between Residential Proxies And Special Backconnect Proxy

When it comes to the proxies we become very choosy because we know that we have to take a lot of work from them. We cannot do those tasks manually and we need an artificial system which can work for us in this regard.


Residential proxies are based on some web servers which are using the data filters this process increases the anonymity of the user over the internet. When you send the request to the internet this goes to the server through routers so that you can access the information. But this is the long procedure which takes a lot of time. Most of the time high-quality servers are furnished to fulfill the request of the user.

Special Backconnect proxy basically comes with your DSL connection. When your request sent to the router they help you to change the IP address. IP addresses in the Backconnect proxies are always changing but you cannot know about them. Sometimes it just takes one minute to rotate the IP address. Sometimes we are using the pool of IP addresses from a single connection.

The Price Difference Between Different Proxies

When we are talking about residential proxies they are the very cost effective way to stay safer over the internet. But their workings are most fast on the other hand in these proxies you will never handle the IP fluctuating procedure. You have clean IP addresses at affordable costs.

Special Backconnect proxy is using the pool of IP addresses for one internet connection that is the reasonable cost is really high. On the other hand, the IP addresses are fluctuating which can affect the internet on the whole. You are using many IP addresses some of them are not that much responsive and your time gets wasted when you are connecting with them.

Companies Using Proxies

When you are coming with a lot of proxies you can easily send many requests to the same website on the network. Both proxies respond same when we talk about this advantage. Bigger companies most of the time purchase special Backconnect proxy for their network. Residential proxies are not that much famous in the bigger circles of internet users. Backconnect proxies makers say that they have a large database of proxies which they assign to the users easily. Every user has using unique IP addresses.

Static VS Dynamic

Residential proxies are the static proxies which never change their IP address in every minute. You can make the request to the internet from a single IP address. You can change the location by using these proxies. Now you can see the content of the website which is restricted in your area.

On the other hand, Special Backconnect proxy is a dynamic form of proxies. In these proxies, IP address gets changed after a minute. You can easily surf to the same website again and again to increase the traffic. It also helps you send more queries on the Google search engine without any fear of rate limitation.

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