Why Microleaves Dedicated Proxy is the Tech for the future?

Most of us have been through the difficulty of being interrupted while working on the internet due to an IP problem usually being blocked. It’s no wonder people are finally thinking of options other than free proxies to choose from since free proxies are not fully secure and they bombard you with pop-ups and malware. That is where Microleaves dedicated proxy comes in handy. There are many reasons why Microleaves dedicated proxy is perfect for future use. So, let’s go through what a dedicated proxy is and some of the reasons why you should consider this as your personal proxy.

1.     What is a dedicated proxy?

As the name defines itself, a dedicated proxy is a proxy that is only dedicated to you. That is to say, unlike the shared proxies or semi shared proxies, it is not shared and is meant just for your own service. With that being said, how does a dedicated proxy work? Your choice for purchasing a dedicated proxy depends upon your requirement and budget. A shared proxy is shared between 3 users. Whereas, a dedicated proxy is used only by you. So, you get ultimate speed and privacy, all in one!


2.   Swift Connection

With increasing technologies such as advanced software and devices, websites require speed to cope up with the advancing mechanics. With Microleaves dedicated proxy, your websites are loaded even faster than they would without a proxy because it offers 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Keeping this in mind, there are multiple IPs that you can use in case the current one gets blocked. Not only that, all pop-ups and malicious viruses that appear on free or less trusted proxies are blocked. These pop ups are the result of the information gathered from your computer when you use free proxies. They are used to advertise products that seem more relevant to you. But with Microleaves dedicated proxy, you can be confident enough to use this as a tech for the future!


3.   Customer Support

A lot of the times, people who have little or no knowledge about dedicated proxy, get stuck using them and usually don’t know what to do next or who to refer to. In the event of this, its 24/7 customer support does not leave any of its customer unattended. The key to success is keeping every customer satisfied. To fulfill this, they have various ways of contact. You can connect with them by emailing them or contacting them on Skype or by opening a support ticket. Apart from the active support, there is a FAQ section. This section answers common questions that people have asked, so your answer(s) may likely be just in that section.

4.   Cheap Rates

We all know that inflation will not stop or get any less than it is today. It will only get worse. In the time of such increasing expenses, everyone is and will be looking for quality products such as, a dedicated proxy, at minimal rates. With that being said, Microleaves offers cheaper rates than any proxy company for the quality service it provides. This serves to be one of the key features that gives Microleaves its name and reputation. Plus, they give out discount offers from time to time that one simply cannot resist.


You’ve read through some of the main reasons why you should consider Microleaves dedicated proxy and why it is considered as a tech for the future. Visit other articles for more insight about dedicated proxy and what we have to offer. So, don’t waste another minute and go to microleave.com today and order your dedicated proxy now.

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