Microleaves Dedicated Proxy Reviews

Microleaves Dedicated Proxy Reviews

Are you concerned about your online privacy? Do you value your personal or client data? Today’s online world is filled with potential threats to your security. Get the confidence you need to securely and anonymously browse the web with a dedicated proxy.

What is a proxy? – Everything you need to Know about Dedicated Proxies

Never heard of a proxy before? That’s understandable, it is not a common technology that is understood by the general public. At first glance a proxy may seem confusing, however, it is a fairly simple concept to understand.

While you are browsing, you leave a digital trail that leads back to your computer’s IP address. This trail is monitored by websites, cookies, and even your own ISP (Internet Service Provider). In other words, it’s like walking around town shouting through a megaphone, everyone notices what you are doing. There is a chance that nefarious characters will ill-intentions may also take interest in your activities.

Browsing without a proxy exposes you to so many security and privacy risks that you may not even be aware of. Viruses and malware may be implanted on your machine, stealing your data and corrupting your networks.

A Proxy solves this issue for you. It acts as an intermediary between you and the internet. Your computer’s IP address is routed through a server that changes the IP address every few minutes, keeping your personal IP address cloaked. The simplest explanation; it’s like piggybacking on someone else’s IP address.

With a Microleaves dedicated proxy, you can browse the web with complete peace of mind knowing that your identity and data are well-protected.

Using a dedicated proxy service to protect your online browsing activities just makes good sense. The cost of a security breach, complete loss, or encryption of your networks and data can cost you or your company thousands of Dollars and a loss of industry confidence in your services.

For a simple subscription fee that works out to less than the cost of lunch, you could avoid these pitfalls and never worry about your online security again.

Choosing the Right Dedicated Proxy for You

All proxies are not created equal. If you research more on proxies you will discover that there are free proxy services available from multiple different proxy organizations. Using a free proxy service may cloak your identity, however, the owners of the service have no obligation to you or your best interests. You can still be exposed to threats coming from their servers and all your data will be available to them.

Rather select a paid subscription service. There are many services available, finding the right one with the best support and optimal functionality is essential. Spending hours online researching the best service provider can be frustrating, so this article has done it for you.

Microleaves dedicated proxies are by far the best service is the proxy niche, here is a review on their product and what you can expect as a client of Microleaves.

Microleaves Dedicated proxy reviews

Quick look:

  • Cloak your personal IP address.
  • New proxies created and automatically applied to your account.
  • Blitzing fast 1 GBPS speeds achievable
  • 99.9% uplink service time.
  • High levels of privacy and complete anonymity.
  • Bypass Blocked zones or websites.

Have you ever experienced slow loading of websites? With Microleaves proxy, you will be able to improve your browsing experience by taking advantage of the fast cache system of their servers. This helps you open pages faster and browse with a lightning quick speed of 1 GBPS.

Your dedicated proxy is locked to your account and you do not have to worry about switching between proxies as you would with a free service, a dedicated proxy is fully automated and dedicated to protecting your IP address.

Microleaves dedicated proxies are ready to support your browser and are perfectly compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Microleaves is also suited for both Windows and Apple PC’s keeping you secure across multiple devices on a single connection.

The Perfect Price Points

Microleaves has offered tremendous value in the service, at a fraction of the cost of some other dedicated proxy providers. With packages for 5 to 100 dedicated proxies, there is a price point for everyone.

If you can’t find your ideal package from what we have on offer, drop us an email with your specific requirements and the Microleaves team will work out a custom solution just for you.

You have a three-day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind. However, you will not be using it as the level of functionality provided by a Microleaves dedicated proxy is incredible value for money.

Industry Leading Support Teams Ready to Assist You

The most impressive thing about Microleaves is their customer support. The Microleaves team is filled with experienced and knowledgeable experts that have a passion for people and service.

A dedicated 24-hour line to their service consultants is available whenever you need it. Setting up your proxy is easier than you think, it does not involve any complicated installation procedures and a consultant can walk you through the process in minutes.

Microleaves realizes that your privacy and security mean everything, you cannot afford to be unprotected at any time. Their consultants will make sure your query is solved timeously and effectively before closing your service ticket.

The Microleaves Reseller Opportunity

An added bonus for Microleaves clients is their reseller option. If you are satisfied with your dedicated proxy, why not recommend it to others? Everyone should be using a proxy and chances are that many of the people in your network are not using one either.

The Microleaves reseller opportunity allows you to help your network keep themselves secure. Now you can earn commission while helping your community. Pay for your own subscription service by simply recommending it to others, doesn’t that sound like a great deal?

Microleaves believes in the power of people and online protection and has made it their mission to serve everyone with their own custom proxy solution and reward those clients that recommend them.

The Verdict

As we close our review, we come to the final conclusion that Microleaves dedicated proxies are the pragmatic solution to your online privacy needs. Stay protected while browsing and transferring data. Keep your identity cloaked and never be concerned about your online privacy again.

With Microleaves, simply check out your shopping cart, your order will be processed with immediate effect and you will have your proxy up and running in minutes, without the need for payment verification. Microleaves understand that you want on the spot protection and they deliver it with no questions asked.

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