Proxy Servers and The Main Reasons for using Them

There are many people in the world who are still unaware of what a proxy is and it is quite natural.

But it is a necessity to learn about them so that when the time comes for you to buy a proxy yourself, you stay prepared and fully informed and take the optimum decision.

A lot of type of proxies is available on the market providing you a lot of options, you can choose to buy dedicated proxies or go with a shared proxy or a VPN.

One can choose to buy dedicated proxies from proxy suppliers but I can tell you they are guaranteed worthless. Online websites selling proxies are better off than the suppliers.

But before making that all important choice you primarily need to learn the basic know-how of proxies. We are here to provide you the same.

What is a proxy?

A proxy can be termed as a server which kind of acts as a middle man between the website you are wishing access to and the computer you use for establishing that.

They fulfill a lot of uses of various kinds such as professional use like online marketing as well as personal use.

There are many kinds of proxies available in the market and each of them comes with a typical feature that characterizes them in a unique way.

You can learn about the various utilities of proxies by reading the details provided below.

What are the uses of a proxy?

A proxy can be used for various reasons and to an online marketer or someone who extracts business requirements from various websites a proxy can be helpful in a number of ways. They are explained in brief below.

Scraping the Web

There are tons of Internet marketers who are engaged in web scraping. For those who are yet to know what web scraping is, it is the process of collecting data or information from various websites for the purpose of one’s business enhancement.

Now in this type rod tasks there is always a strong possibility that the web server you are accessing can block you that is your computer’s IP address and therefore restrict you further access to the website. That is where a proxy server comes into play.

The proxy server makes sure that the identity of the internet marketer is kept hidden and hence the chances of your IP address getting blocked gets drastically reduced.

That means that you as an Internet marketer do not have to worry about getting blacklisted and hence continue to extract data from the website without any interference whatsoever.

Internet marketers often use web scraping for their progressive development and whenever they perform data mining proxy servers help them to conceal their identity to the website server they are accessing.

That is why most internet marketers engaged in web scraping tend to buy dedicated proxies to enhance their cause.

Anonymity guaranteed

The main reason why marketers and businessmen use proxy servers is because of the amount of anonymity it provides.

People using proxies have the ability to freely browse through the competition without having the slightest fear of getting traced by the cookies and other processes prevalent in website security.

Proxy servers ensure that the identity of the user stays completely hidden when any request is being routed through a proxy server.

This allows the online marketers to visit and browse through online websites without ever getting identified.

In case of websites that are entirely blocked in a country for various social and political reasons, proxy servers provide that all needed anonymity so that the users can acquire unwanted access without getting caught.

No matter what, anonymity on the Internet is a precious thing and proxy servers provide it ceaselessly.

Running searches in bulk in Google

A very important aspect or tool in SEO and online marketing are tools for Rank tracing.

They aid the Internet marketers to absolutely learn the rank of their keywords in both national and international search engines.

They are absolutely significant as it helps the marketers to select the certain keywords that prove to be most effective in driving optimum traffic to your website.

Now the issue that arise from sending queries in bulk to Google and many other search engines is that if incase the queries are being sent via the same IP address then it could be subject to a potential denial from the search engines side and further blocking if that particular IP address.

This is the reasons we instruct you to buy dedicated proxies so that your original IP address is masked and you can avoid all concerns of our IP getting blocked completely.

Most people trying to send repeated request to a search engine end up having their IPs getting blocked and therefore loses all accessibility to the website.

That is why when you use a proxy server you minimize that risk of getting recognized and hence blocked as you send queries via different search engines.

That is why when you buy dedicated proxies you automatically speed up the reports of your keyword rankings and avoid any further delay.

Getting bulk social media accounts running automatically

An Internet marketer often has to handle tons and tons of social media accounts on various social media websites available nowadays such as Facebook, Twitter or Orkut.

The situation that arises is that you might then need to send a number of requests to many social media accounts using the same IP address which in turn is bound to attract attention from the security systems and hence term your IP as a red flag.

Many such cases of Internet marketers getting blocked from social media websites are prominent in today’s market scenario.

The most efficient way to handle such situation is by using a number of proxy servers to manage automatic use of social media accounts in bulk so that nothing suspicious occurs in the eyes of the website servers and you remain protected from any blockage.

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