Residential Proxy Terminology

Have you ever heard about the networks that are capable to remove even a single trace of your activity on the browser? As all of you know that IP address is the major source of identity of an individual online. There is no single software that can remove your IP address. Then how you can remain anonymous on the internet and still get access to every website. One of the major reason that motivates us to use a proxy is to remain anonymous. Proxy networks are here to serve us in this regard. Residential proxy or datacenter proxy help us in remaining anonymous on the internet.

There are two major proxy networks that depend on using IPs. Such a network that uses residential IP, refers to a residential proxy network. On the other hand, the network that deals with datacenter IPs are datacenter proxy network. Both of these proxy networks are ruling the market for a long time. However, the demand for a residential proxy network is increasing over time as compared to datacenter proxy network. Take a look at some of the reasons that contributed to the demand of residential proxy network in the market.

Private Proxies

Before going into the depth of residential and datacenter proxy, it is important to know that what we really want from a private proxy. Look at the basic concept of residential as well as datacenter proxy. A residential proxy is the one which is wired directly into your home. It consists of a real IP address which is provided by Internet Service Provider.

In contrary to the residential proxy, datacenter proxy is the one which is not provided by ISP but a third party. Such a proxy network is not wired directly into your home but provides real internet connections.

Residential Proxy Terminology Explained

Whenever you get an internet setup, you will have to residential proxy. The IP address of an individual is its identity that allows him to connect to websites. An IP address assigned to a homeowner is a residential proxy. When you move a new home, you will get a connection for your home. The connection will provide you with an IP address. Residential proxy is legitimate so that you can access any kind of sneaker website. Residential proxy is more genuine as compared to datacenter proxy. The website will not blacklist you if you are using it. The cost of the residential proxy is however not ideal, but people who want to surf the internet anonymously need it.

Datacenter Proxy Terminology Explained

Datacenter proxy is a common type of proxy as compared to others. This proxy is not related to Internet Service Provider or internet connection. Datacenter proxy acts as a wall in between you and any other individual who try to get access to your IP address. The person who will try to get access to your IP address will see datacenter proxy rather than your genuine IP address. Datacenter IP address is a way to mask your identity but not considered as a better replacement of residential proxy.

 Which one should You Use?

Now you know about both the types of IP address and it is easy for you to know that which one is better. Datacenter proxies are an affordable and faster means of getting access to the internet. On the other hand, a residential proxy is a legitimate and genuine way of using the internet. When you use a residential proxy, there are lesser chances to get banned. Therefore, proxies are an ideal option to remain anonymous online. While which type of proxy is better depends on your priorities.

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