Advantages of Using Backconnect Proxies

The state of net neutrality today makes everyone want to have a proxy IP. There is a whole host of reasons why one needs them and this is why many internet users go out looking for the best ones. In their search, they often come across backconnect proxies or special backconnect proxies.

The majority of users don’t know exactly that these are and how they work. They need to know how exactly special backconnect proxies work, the advantages they can offer and where they can go to get the best proxies.

How Backconnect Proxies Work?

Special backconnect proxies are easier to understand than their name would suggest. Let’s start off with the simplest aspect; they work in exactly the same manner as every other proxy.

They let you be anonymous online and hide your true location. You can use the same type of port settings. The difference is in the network that you are using to connect to the internet.

A normal proxy uses a single server and that server is the intermediary between your IP and the internet. Backconnect proxies work on a slightly different pattern, instead of a single server, they have a large server network acting as the intermediary. This network could include 10 servers or in the thousands depending on your requirements.

A more practical way to see how special backconnect proxies work is by looking at it from your own point of view. You are the client with your ISP (internet service provider) provided IP and you want to change it for reasons that are your own.

So you get a backconnect proxy that will change your IP every time you visit a website. The number of IPs available to you is huge, thanks to the pool of servers in the network.

If you type in a search query online, you have the IP A, the page is opened via the IP B. The next search will be to the IP C and so on. This makes it difficult for any website to blacklist one single IP and block you, you can browse the internet with ease and peace of mind.

The Advantages

Now that you have a better idea about how special backconnect proxies work, you can peruse the advantages of using them. Admittedly, they are a tad bit more complicated to use than ordinary proxies but after looking at the advantages below, you will see why they are worth the little extra effort.

1. More Requests

The most prominent benefit of using special backconnect proxies is the amount of requests that you can send out in a session. It means that you will be able to gather a vast scale of information in less time.

Search engines like Google have limits to the request each user can make and these limitations are enforced on individual IPs. If you reach this limit with your private IP, Google will not allow you to send any more queries from it.

It can go as far as these sites blocking your IP, so you can never access their services again using the same IP. Now imagine having the pool of IPs that backconnect proxies give you.

There will be no risk of getting blocked and you can send as many requests as you want. Even if an IP gets blocked it won’t be used again for the next search.

2. Rate Limits

Ever use a scraper software to gather information online? It can be frustrating when websites block your IP because these software can cross the rate limits. But with the proxies, this is not a concern.

The requests from the software will appear to come from different IPs so they won’t be placed in the same rate limit. This will take away your worries about using scraper software online, just set it up and let it do its work.

3. Anonymous

Most proxies will give you a low level of anonymity online. But normal proxies only have a single server and if someone were to really look at it, they could discover your real IP easily.

Special backconnect proxies give you the highest level of anonymity possible. The different IPs make it difficult for servers to pinpoint your location in normal circumstances. Though it isn’t foolproof it is the best possible privacy mechanism for internet users.

4. Different Regions

Location masking is a service that not all proxy services can provide effectively. But if you find the right backconnect proxy provider, like Microleaves, (Microleaves Backconnect Proxy Review)you will be able to hide your original location in most instances.

The way the network is setup ensures that users can get a different location with each IP they utilize. The countries you select are in your control, be very careful in your selection because some of them can be more trouble than you want.

There you have it, the most prominent advantages of using special backconnect proxies. You will have an anonymous connection to access any part of the web. You will find it safe to use any software that you please, and it will be secure as your personal IP will be kept safe behind a wall of multiple IPs.

The setup can be bit complicated, but the information above will make it simpler. And they can be slightly expensive, which is made up by the functionality that they provide.

A company like Microleaves will make the whole process easy on your because they will help you with all the settings. They also offer the lowest possible rate for special backconnect proxies.

You can also get in touch with them whenever you feel like you require help. It is important that you take a very close look at the provider because subpar proxy service provider can be more trouble than you bargain for.

So assess your requirements and re-read all the information above to make a decision about what kind of backconnect proxies you want. You can also determine the size of the network that you will be needing fulfill all your needs. When you have done all that, get the proxies and surf away!

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