What is Tariff Backconnect Proxy

Tariff  Backconnect proxy is the simple way to connect with the internet if you do not want to go online directly. With the increasing rate of cyber crime, every internet user becomes more cautious about their internet connection. Staying safer over the internet is becoming like a basic need of internet user. To save your internet connection there are a lot of techniques introduced in past and the experts are still doing a lot to make you safer. One of the techniques which recently introduced is Backconnect proxies. Most of the internet users do not know how proxies work with the internet for a secure connection.

Risks Over The Internet And Tariff Backconnect Proxy

We will see that what kind of attacks you can face when you are connected to the internet. How proxies can protect you from those attacks so that you will start using proxies also. It is very difficult to stay safe from these attacks when you are using the internet with a direct connection without any safety shield.


Hackers are present on the internet when it was first introduced. They are always in search of the data of user and attack when they find feasible circumstances. When technologies evolved the honey pots becomes smarter and even then they can easily launch the attacks. Now tariff Backconnect proxy introduced which works dynamically with your internet connection to make you safer from any attack. No one can guess that from where you are connected and what network you are using. On your behalf servers are responding all the time. No one can crack the algorithm easily and you are safe from any kind of attack from honey pot.

DDoS Attack

In old times website owners were worried about the servers of the website due to traffic issues. When they get the more traffic they increase the size of servers. But if any DDoS attack launch to the website the system gets down. No one can repair that instantly so it takes a lot of time to repair them. Now when tariff Backconnect proxy introduced it make the life easy for website owners. They use Backconnect proxies’ servers for their websites. These proxy servers distribute the data of the website with respect to the region. You can access the information now from the local server that is present in your region. If the DDoS attack is launched on the website all website never get compromised. But a small part of the website may effect which is easy to recover afterward.

Spam And Malicious Software

When we are connected to the internet directly spam can affect our computer faster. Spam can be a malicious software or extension which automatically gets installed in your computer. After that this software creates a virus on your computer. To stay away from these types of software you must use tariff Backconnect proxy. If you are using the proxy malicious software can never detect your presence over the internet. Backconnect proxies are constantly rotating you over the network which is also effective.

Backconnect proxies by Microleaves are the new way to increase the safety over the internet. Proxies do not need any algorithm which can easily hack and use the internet in wrong way. This is a whole process which runs simultaneously when you are connected to the internet. New methods have changed everything and there are controlled cyber crimes now. You have to use the internet in the positive manners because crime is always crime either you are doing that life or through the internet. Internet security organization has a full procedure for giving punishment to the criminals.

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