Things to know before getting Microleaves proxy solutions

Surfing online is not safe, and it is the time when you need to realize it before it’s too late and your information gets distributed among the advertisers to send you the messages. Your phone numbers will be shared with people whom you do not know and receive unknown emails and messages. It is dangerous especially if you are working somewhere private or running a business on your own. New businessmen do not know the in and out of the market which is why over the period they realize their mistakes and amend them. One of the biggest mistakes which businessmen make is by thinking that if they make a website online, it will be safe. Well, it is not which is why Microleaves provide you proxy solutions in a great deal.

Proxy Solutions with Microleaves

A lot of people have doubt that if they buy Microleaves Backconnect services, then they cannot upgrade. In fact, the best benefit about it is that you can purchase the services and if you do not like it then you will be able to get your money back within a week. There are no trial memberships available with Microleaves anymore which are why money back guarantee is firm. You will be able to get all the refund back into your PayPal account. To have your website used as an ad on the website then you will have to get the Backconnect proxies. It is upon you what you wish to order. You can use the IP address, and on the control panel, you can upgrade your IP address. There are many customers, who wish to work on dynamic IPs, and they do not wish to change their IP addresses, but Microleaves helps to rotate your IP address so that no one can recognize it.

How to find out the payment procedure?

The payment procedure is easy to use with PayPal to purchase different kinds of memberships. The Bitcoin services are also available with the non-recurring memberships. You will be able to get all your money back within a week if there is any problem with the services. You can send all the details with proofs, and if the company is not able to fix it, then they will return your money. If you are not satisfied with the services, then we cooperate with the clients. For the people who want to be reseller then you can go through a procedure. It affiliates with a great volume with white labels which work for the private domains. The homepage and the branding also done. You have to submit a ticket online at the front desk with needed information. You would have the domain name already, so you have to provide that at prior.

Secure End Connections

The end connection such as a certain website which you access does not get any information related to you. They do not get your data and the most prior; your IP address is unknown with showing some random one. The IP address is the main way to access anyone and to see the location where anyone is visiting your website. It helps you to generate the IP addresses, and once the numbers end, then it starts again with the new rotation. The list keeps on increasing as the limit increases, and you won’t even get to know about it. No one can recognize your IP address, so if you feel recognized, then you have to let Microleaves know so your problem gets fixed. Speed is one of the major things which is one of the major reasons why people prefer proxy solutions. It usually depends upon the location, but they are very fast. You can also prepare your custom plan with the help of support.

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