Top 5 Reasons To Use A Backconnect Proxy

Have you ever experienced, while using the internet; you get banned from a website? You might have experienced it. It happens because of your IP address which is traceable by web servers. This is where the use of proxy comes in. The use of proxies is increasing day by day, to ensure one’s safety while using the internet. If you type in a word “proxy” on the GOOGLE, you will find many different types of proxies.

One of them is a backconnect proxy. This is a highly advanced type of proxy which is widely used in online marketing, as well as, for personal purposes. A backconnect proxy uses a multitude of machines in order to change your IP address with every new request. That makes it the best proxy available in the market. In following lines we will discuss the top reasons to use this type of proxy.

1.     Anonymity

The best thing about backconnect proxy is that it allows you to remain anonymous on the internet. When you use a normal, public proxy server, there are high chances of getting blocked from websites. A backconnect proxy will hide your original IP address. Not only this, it will keep changing your IP address with every request you make. So, web servers are not able to detect your identity. This makes you highly anonymous while working on the internet.

2.     Locations of Choice

The servers of backconnect proxies are often located in many different places and are inter-connected. This allows you to jump on many different countries. For example, if you want to open a restricted website in the USA, you need to change your location to the USA. Using backconnect proxies you can easily do this.

3.     Make More Requests per Minute

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using backconnect proxies. Many search engines impose a rate limit on an IP address. But if you connect to a backconnect proxy server, your IP address is going to change all the time. That makes it almost impossible for the web server to identify you, in turn; they cannot impose a rate limit on you.

4.     Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you are an online marketer, you have to run multiple social media accounts or you have to post comments on websites from different accounts. Web sites can trace your IP address and in a result, they block you for doing so. With backconnect proxies, you don’t need to worry about this anymore.

5.     Efficient Data Extraction

Data extraction means gathering data from different websites using web scraping software. This is not allowed by many search engines, they can trace your computer and finally, they block you. If you use a backconnect proxy for data extraction, it makes you highly anonymous. You can work freely without any risk of revealing your identity to the websites.

Final Words

Backconnect proxies are commonly used both for business and for personal reasons also. The best thing about them is that they are composed of highly advanced, complicated networks. That, in turn, provides full proof security to its users. They are bit expensive than other regular proxies, but remember, nothing in this world is free.  Best quality comes with the expensive price. However, your safety and security are more important than the price itself, which is the key feature of a backconnect proxy server. That’s why they are worthy of buying. You, just have to consider buying it from a trusted seller. There are many proxy sellers in the market but we will tell you the best name in this regard. MICROLEAVES is one of the leading sellers of the proxies all over the globe and they are recommended by many top professionals.

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