Top Ten Shared Proxies Providers And Their Pricing Plans

There are certain features and benefits that make any normal company the best one among many others. That is exactly the case with the top ten shared proxy providers which we are going to discuss today. Shared proxies are very common these days, and the best thing about shared proxies is that they can be used by many people at the same time. This means that you do not have to take the hassle of buying a separate IP for each individual.

Top Ten Shared Proxies Providers

When you search the internet to buy a shared proxy it is evident that you will come across many companies. You do not which one is going to work best for you due to many results. For your convenience, we have compiled the top four companies for you. Hurry up and take a look at what these companies have to offer and which one you need to choose.

The reason why we recommend buying a shared proxy from is that they offer hundreds of IPs for your needs. Their prices start from $7.5 for 10 shared proxies which is the most affordable plan you could find anywhere. Starting from 10 shared proxies, the limit goes up to 300 shared proxies a month and that too for only 150 bucks. Apart from the regular packages, Microleaves offers special and advanced shared proxy packages for corporate users.

The tech team at is available 24 hours a day to assist you if you face any problem with the connectivity. Their browsing is guaranteed to be secure for any type of users, no matter it is used from home or an office.

Atomic Proxies

Starting from 10 HTTPS shared proxies; offers shared proxies for up to 1000 HTTPS. The browsing speed offered by this company is as fast as 1000 MBPS without any sort of fluctuation. Once the connection is established, you don’t have to face any hassle of disconnection. For each proxy, you get to avail 33 connections without any bandwidth restriction.

You must be aware of the fact that any website can easily track your visits if you frequently visit it, which surely is not the problem you face with Now you can easily visit any website without having a fear of getting restricted.

I must say that the name said it all. offers the most affordable prices plan when it comes to their shared proxy package. With multiple subnets the prices are as low as $1.99 guaranteeing high anonymity to their clients. Their nonsequential IPs are able to access any website safely with fast internet browsing. Another great thing about is that their proxy is refreshed itself after every 30 days and a new IP is assigned to the connection.

Shared IPs are normally used by my more than 1 person, which can cause load on the server. This is something you never face if you are using shared proxy from Visit the retailer site today and place your order as per your needs.


ProxyVoxy is another great company that offers shared proxies. With their services, you get to control the IP settings yourself. A separate control panel is allotted to you and you can easily customize the settings of the user you want. There is a variety of shared proxy monthly packages at ProxyVoxy and you can choose the one you want.

Moreover, their online tech team is very supportive when it comes to any problem with your connection. ProxyVoxy offers special and occasional discounts to both their old and new clients. For more information about their packages, visit

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