Backconnect Proxy Design, How it Works and Some of Its Key Benefits

Anytime someone is talking about proxy, they mean normal, regular proxies. But do you know that there are other types of proxies that do not work the same as the normal proxies? One of these proxies is backconnect. So what are backconnect proxies?

Backconnect proxies

You may be familiar with terms such as private proxies, shared proxies or dedicated proxies but this could be something that you have never heard before. While Microleaves backconnect proxies work in almost the same way as a normal proxy with the same connections and configurations there is one significance difference between them. This difference revolves around their networks.

Different kind of server

When your proxy is normal, it means you have one server which acts as the machine that drives the process of sending data and uses various headers and referrers in order to work with your new IP address. However, this is rarely the case with backconnect proxy design as it depends on the type of network that they want to create and what they want to get out of it. When there are many server machines being used, it’s even safer to use them since the risk is spread over a bigger area.

How a backconnect proxy design works

As compared to the normal proxy, a backconnect proxy is not a single proxy server forwarding data and serving it up with different headers and referrers but a swarm of different configurations and machines. For instance, you can have a pool of 20, 200, or even 50,000 depending on what the owner of the system wants. Backconnect proxy is meant to change your IP and referrer data. This means the difference in the proxy server that you want to change. With backconnect proxy, each time you send out a connection, the proxy will change. If you type the web address the connection will return to Google’s web page. Whatever web address that you search will first take you back to Googles webpage.

The point is, every time you take an action, the connection changes. According to backconnection, proxy providers such as microleaves, you are having a database of millions of proxies with thousands of them available in any one single day. They enable you to pretend that you are in a particular place, remove the connections that you don’t want and support other protocols. The main advantage of backconect proxy is that it allows you to make many requests per minute. With this proxy, you can use Xrumer, Zenno Poster,GScraper and crapebox without worrying about the rates that you will be given per minute. Every connection will go through a different IP address and reach Google from a different place.

Benefits of using backconnect proxies

  • You can make more queries- This is perhaps the main advantage of using backconnect proxies. By making more queries per minute, you will be able to gather more information within a short time. Websites such as Google normally have their own limits on the number of requests that you can make using an individual IP before they can start waving the red flags. This is an area where many users slip and find that they have been banned once they exceed the number of limits that they should be using on a particular day. By using many IP addresses and making many requests, you can make many queries without a problem.
  • You do not have to worry about the limit rates- By using backconnect proxy you can always go ahead and use any type of scraper software without getting concerned about reducing the overall power of the software that you are using. This means Google will not pull together the different requests that come from different people into a particular rate limit. You can set up the software that you want and start using it.
  • You can bounce things in different countries- Backconnect proxy design is set in such a way that it does not mean that you can have IP addresses from different countries working one after the other to mask your original IP. Although you will try to be careful about the countries that you are using, certain countries will raise a lot of suspicions and even be frowned on.
  • It’s more anonymous- Being that you are trying to protect your location, it comes as relief to imagine that the approach that you will be using is more anonymous than using a normal server. This is all about the number of IP addresses that you can use at any given time. This means it’s a bit difficult for websites and companies to detect what is taking place. While it’s not completely safe, it’s much more secure than other normal proxies.

So if you are looking for an increased level of security and safety as well as an opportunity to do even much more, then backconnect proxy design is the way to go. While they are more expensive to use than the normal proxies their capabilities mean that they are worth what they are doing. They are also more complex hence hard to set up but the company that suppliers you such as microleaves will do all that work for you. You only need to set up an account with them and follow the simple instructions that they give you.

However, it’s very important to be careful about the company that is supplying you and ensure that they are an established company. They should have their network set up. You should also know that the bigger the network the more money and the more addresses that are there for you to use. However, it’s going to be worth all the money you invest and the effort that you put into the process. Also, when using a shared proxy, you need to avoid doing anything personal online. While shared proxies claim that they are free there is nothing free in this world. On the contrary, backconnect proxies will give you a peace of mind and all the security that you need. Before choosing, one it’s also important to weigh out their advantages and disadvantages.

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