Best Backconnect Proxy Provider and Their Pricing Plan

Just like any other proxy, backconnect proxies help you cover your identity when it comes to browsing online. Along with guaranteed anonymity, these proxies also help you in managing important tasks like data scraping, crawling and mining. However, you must keep one thing in your mind you think of purchasing backconnect proxies. And it is the fact that backconnect proxies are a little pricier than shared or dedicated proxies.

Backconnect proxies are specially designed to work at a higher level and ensure better connectivity with smooth connection. The regular change of IP address guarantees your anonymity while many of its other features play a vital role in building a strong connection with servers.

Most Suitable Prices Plan from Best Backconnect Proxy Provider

There are many companies out there who sell backconnect proxies but they don’t have any features which can justify the price. Together, let’s learn what features these companies have to offer in order to make their prices justified.


Starting from $24.99 a month, ProxyVoxy offers 25 million+ IP addresses to its users. Along with unlimited bandwidth, the best feature that you get with bestconnect proxy is automatic IP change. This means that you don’t have to bother yourself and manually request an IP change. ProxyVoxy has employed 30 staff members just to ensure best customer services to its clients. The thing that proves ProxyVoxy to be the best backconnect proxy provider is their product sales.

The connection with backconnect proxy of ProxyVoxy supports both HTTPS and HTTP configuration. Along with these amazing features, you get the bestconnect proxies installed in a matter of minutes.


Microleaves offers a variety of packages to its clients starting from 1000 backconnect proxies for $2499 to 5000 backconnect proxies for $12499 only. These prices are the most affordable prices that you can find anywhere else. The benefit of this giant proxy provider company is that you can harvest data on a big scale. Such packages are not offered by every other company.

The bestconnect proxy services of Microleaves are highly reliable with safe browsing. Once you place an order at Microleaves, the proxies would be at your service in a matter of minutes due to instant activation.


AtomicProxies is another best proxy service provider which you will find online. Their prices are pretty reasonable to pay for. For 100 dedicated proxies you only get to pay $170 and the highest package of 350 proxies is available for $500 only.

The fact that backconnect proxies from AtomicProxies work smoother than any other provider is because of its digital cable and DSL. Any software is easily supported with these proxies and you can even access any website you want to. These proxies are designed in such a way that the each request is received by a different server for each request you make.

4. is known for guaranteeing high anonymity while you surf online. The pricing plan for backconnect proxies at starts at $4.99 with worldwide locations and geo targeting by country. The IP address with these proxies changes automatically after every 10 minutes with unlimited bandwidth.

Apart from these service benefits, the company has a 3 day money back policy which is very beneficial in case you are not content with their services. The tech team of responds to you queries fast and supportively. To place your safe order with the company you must visit the site today and choose a package of your desire in an affordable price.

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