Things To Know Before You Buy Backconnect Private Proxy

The first thing that would strike in your head is what exactly a backconnect private proxy is. To break the ice, let me tell you what exactly it is. It is a one of those proxy types, which is exclusively used by one user. The purpose of using a backconnect private proxy is to hide the identity of a user. Backconnect private proxy is mostly used at home by individuals. Another great benefit that you get with backconnect private proxy is that you get the entire service to yourself while nobody else has the access to it. This means you get the fastest speed while you surf the internet online.

Advantages of Buying a Backconnect Private Proxy

There are many advantages of backconnect private proxy. Buy these proxies and take advantages of the below mentioned features.

High Anonymity

Backconnect private proxy server guarantees high anonymity. It fully hides your real geographical location and IP address from any website that you access. Their system is designed in such a way that even search engines are not able to detect your frequent requests.

Highly Compatible

Another best feature that is provided with backconnect private proxy is that they can access through any device. The process protects your online presence with HTTPS protocol for each website you visit. Backconnect private proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS that can be used via any software or device.

Dedicated IP Address

When you make a purchase, it is up to you which IP location you want to buy. The IP addresses can be from any country you choose to work with. These IP address is chosen from the pool of IP addresses consisting of 200 countries.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Backconnect private proxies provide unlimited bandwidth to its users with maximum browsing speed. Due to dedicated usage, the speed is never interrupted by any load or data stack, which guarantees smooth and fast browsing.

IP Refreshment

At the beginning of every month, a user can request the company to refresh the IP and the IP is changed right away. Most of the times an IP is auto refreshed and assigned by the server, however, in some cases, you might have to request the company to fulfill your request.

Password Protected Control Panel

A dedicated control panel is provided to the user as soon as you make the payment. The control panel is password protected and only the user the privilege to access it. You can change the settings as per your requirements and use it accordingly.

Multiple Servers

With backconnect private proxy, your requests are sent to different servers each time you make one. This way no search or a website detects your frequent visits and you are able to work online with consistency.

How To Use Private Proxy For Web Browsing

The best thing about using a backconnect private proxy for web browsing is that none of the website can ever track your visit and your real location or IP address. While there are many sites who can detect your real identity if you are using a normal proxy, there are some who don’t. They detect your IP because every time you visit a site they can see your IP and they have the access to block you as well. Working with a backconnect private proxy is no rocket science. It is as simple as installing any browser extension and getting started with it. Once you have downloaded the extension you simply need to enter your credentials and take advantages of its amazing services.

Before you make a purchase from any online company, it is highly recommended that you take a look at the company’s online reputation. This can be done by reviewing some online reviews by real time clients on different websites.

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