Best Selling Proxy – The Private Proxy

A private proxy is basically a computer that sits between your computer and even the range of the wider network. This “wider network” is what we call the internet. This is the proxy that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. One of the main benefits of private proxy is that it keeps you hidden from anyone who tries to know about you over the internet. In short, it means that the user will view the IP address of the proxy server. They would not be able to capture your real IP address.

Private Proxy Terminology Explained

When it comes to the creativity on the business level than for sure the private proxy is serving as the best business partner for many businesses around the world. Through private proxy’s switching application, you can come up with great results. Private Proxy is an excellent program that is available with a mechanism for switching between the available IP addresses. This is a type of proxy that is not much known in the market yet.

In this type of proxy, as you will browse some website, the proxy owner can see that you are connected to that website. But they would not be able to learn out what actual stuff you are doing on that website. However, the proxy owner will have complete information related to the real IP address.

Different Types of Proxies

Forward proxies are one type of proxies; they send the requests of a user to a web server. Users can easily go to the forward proxies by simply surfing on a web page. They can even customize their Internet settings. Forward proxies are more secure ones with respect to the privacy. Reverse proxies lucidity can handle all requests for resources on destination servers without requesting. Reverse proxies are used to give our users indirect access when a website does not permit direct connections. In almost all our proxies you would probably be finding this access for sure.

Best Selling Proxy- The Private Proxy

If you search around, you would find so many types of the proxies. Some of the common proxies are dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies. There is a huge difference between dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated proxies. However, the working mechanism of both the proxies remains similar. The dedicated proxy is solely dedicated to a single user. This means that no one else can share the IP or the server that is dedicated to you.

On the other hand, the semi-dedicated proxies are assigned to more than one user at a time. In terms of privacy, private proxies are safer than semi-dedicated proxies and many other types of proxies too. This is the reason why private proxies are a bit higher in price than other types.  For serious privacy seekers, price doesn’t matter much if they really care about privacy. This is the reason why they always prefer private proxies over any other type.

If you run a business where privacy and data safety are prime concerns for you, then you should always choose private proxies.


When it comes to choosing a type of proxy, it depends on the requirements and budget. When we talk about proxies of our choice, we have to look up to other things as well; however, the budget is the main thing of all. A buyer should wisely decide on his pocket. Private proxies are quite expensive. However, these proxies give you an awesome experience of unshared proxy just for you. Another best thing is that you don’t have to wait for any website to load; it’s quite speedy when it comes to a single person sharing server.

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