Why You Should Choose Backconnect Private Proxy

Backconnect private proxies are better than any other proxies because they are for individual use. It is evident that when no one else has the access to a specific network, it works better than anything else. Regular proxies are not compatible with all the software and games, while backconnect private proxies have the capacity to work with all types of devices and software. Let’s learn about the benefits of Backconnect private proxies as to why you need to choose them and why they work better than any other proxy.

Number of Proxies

Any user who chooses to work with backconnect private proxies has the privilege to choose the number of proxies he wants. The number of proxies ranges from 1 to over 2200 depending on the service provider.

Multiple Locations

Another great reason to choose backconnect private proxies is the availability of multiple locations. Yes, you can choose the IP address of any country you wish to, and easily surf through different countries anytime. When you purchase the service, you are given different IP addresses by default. If you want to have more locations, you can buy it from the service provider.

Multiple Subnets

With backconnect private proxies you do not have to worry about the limit of subnets. This is one of the best reasons to go for this proxy type. The range of subnets starts from 2 and goes up to 42. It also provides you an option to choose from either multiple or private subnets.

Monthly Randomization

Multiple randomizations is a feature that is only provided with backconnect private proxies. The benefit of this feature is to provide the user with auto IP update every month. This also prevents a user from getting flagged from any website that is frequently visited.

Instant Setup

Normally when you get any internet connection or proxy set up, you get to wait for many days. That is not the case with backconnect private proxies. The process of set up takes as low as 1 hour time and you can start using your internet connection right away.

Price Range

Now comes the point which gets you worried about your pocket. Of course, everyone has to look at their budget before you anything. Talking about the price, backconnect private proxies come in cheap rates. Though the pricing plan totally depends on what package you use, all of its packages are totally justified.

Highly Anonymous

Backconnect private proxies ensure high anonymity. Their system is designed in such a way that each request of the user is taken and fulfilled by separate IP address. Each IP address is also linked with a different server each time you make a request. This system is specially designed to ensure high anonymity for all the users. This is also why no website or search engine is able to track your frequent visits.

Control Panel

A dedicated user area is provided to each client where a user is able to set custom settings according to his plan. This also enables you to review the volume and traffic from the your Backconnect private proxy.

99% Uptime

Apart from fast internet speed and smooth internet connection, backconnect private proxies also guarantee 99% uptime without any instability. This feature is not commonly provided with normal proxies but is surely provided with backconnect private proxies.


Backconnect private proxies easily work with all types of software and devices. From android to apple and windows, laptop to computers and cell phones, these proxies are compatible with all types. If there is any device that doesn’t work with backconnect private proxies, you can always approach your service provider and ask for assistance.

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