Microleaves: Uses of Shared Proxy

Shared proxy is quite different from a private proxy. As the name of the term depicts, shared proxies are used by multiple users. The term refers to a semi-private proxy that allows a specified number of users to get access to proxy in order to maintain reliability and quality of the proxy. Shared proxies offer a new set of features to the individuals who have access to it. As there is a limited number of individuals that can get access to the proxy, therefore such proxies have more speed as compared to others. The IP is completely protected in shared proxies as none of the unauthorized people can get access to the proxy until and unless he became a part of the group.

Shared Proxy and Its Uses

Shared proxy offers diversified uses to its users. The uses can vary from person to person as everyone sees a different set of benefits in things. Following are few common uses of shared proxies that motivate people to avail this service:


  1. If you want to surf the internet on daily basis without any delay, then the shared proxy is the right option for you. If an individual is using dedicated proxy services then the task will become expensive for him. Therefore, people who want to perform general use of internet go for a shared proxy.
  2. The total cost that one will have to pay in return of shared proxy is divided among the multiple users. As the explanation tells that all the services of shared proxies are divided among the users. Therefore, the cost of those services is also among those group of individuals and it is one of the most common reasons for using such proxy.
  3. By using a shared server, your web browser will be cached appropriately. With the help of caching, one can get inline responses at a better speed. As the file is already present in the cache memory, responses are quick when you place a request for any file.
  4. You can explore banned websites with the help of shared proxy without any fear. However, it is recommended to perform a test in order to check before using a shared proxy in order to open a banned website.
  5. You get an opportunity to know other people who are using a shared proxy. Most of the people who are engaged in shared proxies belong to those group of workers who are quick and efficient. So, you will get to know such people.
  6. Many users will not have to go through the registration process every time they connect to a server. An individual can simply go, connect to the server and enjoy the benefits.
  7. One can test the shared proxy; therefore, one can identify its source easily.

Things You Need to Know

Shared proxy is a cheaper option which makes it possible for individuals with a small budget to go for it. Shared proxies work with SOCKS and HTTP. SOCKS proxy servers can handle any kind of online traffic. On the other hand, HTTP prevent your internet protocol secretly from getting revealed to others. Shared proxies can be used with the websites and applications.

1 GB connected is hosted by shared proxy with three members on each of the proxies. You will get almost 99.9% uptime by using such proxy. Ideal customer support is provided to potential clients in order to answer their queries. Shared proxy comes up with its own set of plans and operating methods. On different platforms like Microleaves, there are different plans that are used for shared proxies.

If you are planning to save some money but still get an uninterrupted internet connection, then shared proxies are the solution.

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