How Backconnect SOCKS are Compatible

We have talked about backconnect proxy features many times. But one of the best things about these proxies is that they are compatible with almost all types of software and devices. Talking about the compatibility, these proxies have proven to be more technically compatible than any other proxy type. Normal proxies have many compatibility issues, while backconnect proxies work best with HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS. There is a unique routing server that is attached with backconnect proxies. Each server is designed to perform

Each server is designed to perform specific function. This is where your requests are gathered and the access to HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKs are granted. Socks include all of its protocols starting from SOCKS to SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. Technically, backconnect proxies are stable than any other proxy types.

How Does Backconnect SOCKS work

The server of Backconnect proxies works a little different than normal proxy servers. The difference is not very unique; it only creates a strong TCP connection to another server as per the request of the user. For each request, the traffic is first filtered and then redirected to the destination. There are different ports attached with each server. And these ports support all types of network protocols without any instability. After every 3 months, a new version is offered to all the users, upon upgrading it, the speed is more boosted and connection becomes more stable. Another great thing about backconnect SOCKS upgrade is that they are easily workable with any type of browsers and devices.

Startling Features Of Backconnect Socks

The advantage of backconnect proxies is that they are easily compatible with HTTPS and SOCKS. To ensure security, an IP configuration is required in order to work best with backconnect proxies. PPI (Pay Per Install) is another authentic feature of SOCKs protocol which is not provided with other proxy types. The system also enables automatic IP change after every 10-15 minutes which guarantees smooth web surfing without getting banned.

Best Available Versions of Backconnect Socks

Backconnect Socks have many version upgrades but the most suitable ones are listed below:

  • SOCKS4
  • SOCKS5

Backconnect Socks works as a user library which supports all of the versions including Socks4, Socks4a and Socks5. There are some authentication which are mandatory for all the versions to be compatible with. Those authentications are easily passed with the help of CHAP, XML, UDP, Web32 and server chaining.

Other Benefits of Backconnect Proxies

The process of backconnect socks was easy to understand, but this is time that you get to know about some of the great benefits of backconnect proxies as well. Let’s take a look at how these proxies are beneficial for you.

  1. High Anonymity

Anonymity is something which is a prime requirement of any proxy user. With backconnect proxies, this requirement is fulfilled at all points. No matter you are visiting a website or a search engine, no software is able to track your visits when you are using backconnect proxies.

  1. Compatibility Feature

Normal proxies are not compatible with all the devices or software. Sometimes there can be the issue with android systems which might require software update. That is not the case with backconnect proxies; you can easily use the internet on any type of device from android to apple and without having to upgrade any software.

Other technical system is compatible with:

  • Social Media Forums
  • ATC & Sneaker
  • Socks and HTTPS Protocols
  • Gaming Proxies
  • Web browsers
  • SEO Software

Once you have made up your mind about buying backconnect proxies, your second task would be to choose the right company from where you can do the purchase. Before you finalize the company, you must take online reviews and make the final decision accordingly.

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