Proxy IP Residential Helps You Stay Safe From Hackers

As soon as you start using the internet on a system, it comes with an IP address, this IP address is basically your online identity through which you can be tracked back. However, if you don’t want to be traced back and remain hidden in the online world, Proxy IP residential is just the right thing for you.

What Does Proxy IP Residential Mean?

Proxy IP residential is a special type of proxy that works to cover your original IP address by using some random residential IP address that does not originally belong to you. You may use it to hide your true location and identity so that you cannot be tracked. There are a million reasons why you wouldn’t want the people to know your original location and identity online, and proxy IP residential is the best thing you can have to remain anonymous and safe.

Hiding From Hackers

The primary reason why you choose to hide under an anonymous proxy IP residential is for the sake of security and safety. This is the era of internet, and with this blessing, come a lot of challenges as well. Social networking websites have made every person accessible and reachable. While this keeps families and friends connected worldwide, there is also the concern about getting stalked by unwanted people. And then the hackers who want to steal your online credentials and other personal information.   How to get rid of them? Is nobody really safe while hackers are learning new tricks to get into your systems and breach your personal space every day?

You must come up with a something to protect yourself against such dangers and Proxy IP Residential comes out to be your knight in guard in these situations.

Proxy IP Residential Helps You Stay Safe

Proxy IP residential is fast, reliable, and also cost effective. Our network at Microleaves is widespread along the entire world so you can access any restricted website around the globe with ease. They help you stay safe from the online hackers. They will let you dive into a pool of proxy IPs and will provide you with endless possibilities to surf the internet globally without worrying about being watched all the time. Just make sure that the websites you’re surfing are not legally restricted or lawfully abandoned by the law of your country or state because meddling with secret government affairs is the only thing that could get you in trouble while using proxy servers.

Residential Proxies VS. Datacenter Proxies

If you’re not sure about the difference between the residential proxies and the data center proxies, you need not worry. The difference is quite simple; residential proxies are the ones that are provided to you by a standard ISP which is your Internet Service Provider. This is often DSL or a cable wired directly into your house, office, or whatever the place. The internet service providers who provide you with the internet will also provide you the IP address, which you can hide using proxy IP residential. (Read More)

Datacenter proxies, however, come from a secondary corporation and are not located in your home. They are not affiliated with an ISP either.

Microleaves Proxy IP Residential

Microleaves is a company that is working studiously to beat the hackers and comes up with security solutions for internet users around the world.  With their amazing proxy services, that you will feel safe when you’re online. You can be sure that there is nobody that can exploit you online by knowing your true identity.

There are many types of proxies at Microleaves that you can choose from. Depending on your need, it may be static or dynamic. They let you get the best deal at the most suitable price. As customer satisfaction is their primary goal, they won’t let their clients down in any way. The seasoned professionals at the company are always there to help you choose the type of proxy you’ll need depending upon your business or domestic needs.

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