How Does Static Residential Proxy Work

What are Static Residential proxies? The answer to this is quite simple, and we have made it simpler by making static residential proxies terminology explained to you here in this blog. We live in the age of the internet. Almost everyone is using the internet regardless of their location, on their phones, their laptops, systems etc. The Internet is being used for work purposes, research as well as social media. In such times, cybercrime and bullying have also taken a whole new level. Now, it is important to stay safe from any hackers or from being the victim of cyberbullying.

How does Proxy Work?

Your internet connection comes with an IP address. It is your online address that can be traced back to your geo-location. Cyber-crime has an important use of IP addresses and therefore it is important that you protect it. Proxy servers provide you with an alternative IP address, and it cannot thus be traced back to your original location. The IP address that is provided to you is a random one chosen by the service or the company that you choose.

The Best Static Residential Proxies

Before buying the proxy services, keep in mind that you need to go for a reliable source. You can find countless proxy servers companies but not all of them will be true to their intentions. Some will just try to rob you of your money by providing you with low-quality service. This may seem nothing but it can cost you everything if your information goes to the wrong hands.

Some of the residential proxy servers will claim to protect and look after for you, but they could be the real criminals instead. They could be having a part in selling your information to the third party. So it is really important that you choose a company with good repute, such as Microleaves.

Why choose Microleaves?

Microleaves is a rapidly flourishing company that provides quality static residential proxies to its customers. They deal with over a thousand new customers every month and have already sold to over fifty thousand of customers. This is because of their reliability that they’re such a growing business in the market. They have deals for residential as well as business centered customers. They believe the client is the priority, so they put forward the clients’ safety above everything.

People can get P2P routing service that allows the clients to browse the internet anonymously, by using other IP addresses and by hiding their true location. Microleaves Peer to Peer (P2P) network has over 26 million residential IPs. These are not identified as proxies. Our planning has an intrinsic IP rotation management layer which allows you to use our P2P network to send HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS data.

Static residential proxies allow you to use sites that may not be otherwise open for use in your state or area. It is however under your responsibility that you browse the areas of the internet that are in compliance with our license agreement, as well as they do not in any way harm your country’s or state’s law. Make sure that you use the service in legitimate ways and that whatever you may be using is in compliance with the laws of our country. If it is necessary to use a doubtful source of internet, we recommend you first consult a lawyer who could give you some legal advice for that matter.

You can contact us at our website and choose from the wide variety of products in the ranges that you may find suitable.


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