Why choose Microleaves to Buy Dedicated Proxy

Dedicated Proxy is basically a dedicated IP that is used exclusively by only a single client at any time. The purpose is to hide the public address that has been assigned by an ISP.

The function of the dedicated proxy is the same as any other residential IP, only this one comes with exclusivity.

Dedicated proxies are also known as “Private Proxies” because they are not accessible to anyone else. You get the entire service to yourself, which means there is fast speed and that you can do whatever surfing you had to do over the internet faster and with the speed of light.

Dedicated proxies are better than the average public proxies in the way that they have more access. You can use it to scale up any online operations that you could not have done with the public proxies.

Reaching Restricted Websites

You can make use of the dedicated proxies if you want to pass through a regional barrier or restriction, for example buying tickets for a show or a movie. The other great benefit is to use the entertainment websites like Netflix etc. These websites are area restricted in some regions. Dedicated proxies, your own private proxies can help you overcome that restriction. So just sit back and enjoy your favorite shows.

Social Media Marketing

This is the age of social media websites. Many people are using those platforms for marketing purposes to advertise their products and to gain a better customer range. You can use dedicated proxies to promote your marketing and target a wide audience.

How to get Dedicated Proxy Server

This is a very important question. And the only answer that comes to my mind is Microleaves. This company specializes in all kinds of proxies; residential, dynamic, static, dedicated, etc. and will provide with exactly what you need.

I rely on microleaves myself, to get me the best deals, in the most affordable and reasonable price ranges.

Why choose Microleaves to Buy Dedicated Proxy?

If you’re looking for a dedicated proxy to hide your IP address and peacefully surf the internet, it is necessary to choose a provider that will let you be worry-free; the one who will not bind you with endless and deceiving terms and conditions; just like the companies that entangle the customers in their own trap, without the customer even realizing it.

Well, that is not the style at Microleaves. We believe that our client is our sole responsibility and that we have to strive to get them what they need. Client’s satisfaction is our priority. This is the biggest reasons which make us unique from the rest of them.

The dedicated proxy will help you be safe in the world of internet. It will keep all the hackers at bay, and will not allow them to record all your online activity and track you back to your geolocation. It will keep your social networking accounts safe and away from the hands of the hackers.


Dedicated proxy is one of the best options when it comes to choosing one for your use; either personal or business. Microleaves has an easy ordering system for its customers. You will be getting your orders in a few minutes. We have the 3 days of the money back guarantee as well. These are some of the features that make us one of the best sellers of proxy in town.

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