Why You Should Buy Backconnect Proxy

Information technology is something that is most important to us today. No matter you work in an office or own a giant company, you need to stay updated and that is only possible with the help of the internet. Either with a computer or your mobile device, internet is needed all the time. To visit any website, it is important to enter its URL which always starts with WWW (World Wide Web). The connection which is maintained with any website is established by ISPs (Internet Service Provider).

The infrastructure of an internet connection is required by a proxy. The server works with an IP address, with backconnect proxy you are able to access many IP addresses. Backconnect proxy keeps your original IP address hidden from any online threats and hackers. This is just a beginning of why you should buy  backconnect proxy. Let’s read more about why you need one.

What Is A Backconnect Proxy

Mostly people are aware of shared and dedicated proxies but they do not know anything about backconnect proxy. If you are one of them, then do not worry, we are here to learn about this proxy type. Backconnect proxy does not work any different than a normal proxy. The set up and configuration settings are also the same. Even the ports are also connected in the same way as any other proxy type. The only difference with backconnect proxy is that they are connected with multiple servers. Each server has a different function to perform. To know more about how these servers work, let’s take a look at the next section of the article.

How Backconnect Proxy System Works

When you are connected with a shared or dedicated proxy, a single server is connected with the internet connection. It is a buffer which hides your identity and assigns you with a proxy IP address. The data is then flown to your computer via the internet connection. This single server works on all the processes and takes care of everything which overburdens the speed sometimes.

When we talk about the backconnect proxy, the backend system is totally different. Multiple servers and IP addresses work as a team to ensure proficient performance.  In easy words, you can say more than 20, 500, or sometimes over 2200 machines are working together. These machines work together just to provide you with dynamic or static IP addresses. The number of proxies is assigned as per the chosen package of the user.

The main purpose of backconnect proxy is to frequently change the IP address of the user during the time when a user is surfing online. Each request of the user is taken by a separate server. Mostly search engines have their terms and restriction for traffic. Let’s take Google for example. It has its own policies which do not allow any user to make request after a certain number. But when you are using backconnect policies, you are able to make as many requests as possible. This is only possible because of multiplication of IP addresses. So yes, even Google can be fooled when you are connected with backconnect proxy.

More Benefits Of Backconnect Proxy

Now that you have read a lot of benefits for using backconnect proxy, there is still a lot that we can talk about. Along with the impressive server work, backconnect proxy ensures smooth internet connection with fast internet speed. It guarantees unlimited bandwidth with high anonymity. A user is also able to access any IP address from any country without having to worry about getting flagged by any website. Moreover, backconnect proxy is compatible with all types of devices no matter you are using it on your laptop or mobile device.

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