How to Get Dedicated Sock5 Proxy

Sometimes we need to hide your IP while browsing. And one of the best ways to get this is by using a SOCKS proxy. Let’s see what Dedicated sock 5 proxy actually is!

What is a Proxy Server?

It is a program or device that intercepts the network connections that a client makes to a remote server. This definition of proxy server does not clarify much to most. So we will try to make a definition less technical but anyone can understand. A proxy server is an intermediary between us (the client) and the vendor (the remote server). The proxy in this intermediary function can perform many functions, such as hiding our IP, cache operations, etc.

Within the different types of proxies, we have chosen SOCKS proxy for the security, because they offer dedicated sock 5 proxy server on a remote server and then configure it on Firefox.

How to Get Dedicated Sock 5 Proxy?

You can find a huge list of SOCKS servers but most of them are very slow, unstable or just do not work. If you need a stable SOCKS proxy server, the best thing you can do is buy one or buy a cheap VPS server from Microleaves and install the proxy server on the VPS.

What is better A SOCK 5 or SOCKS 4 Proxies?

Both of these proxies are currently functional and will serve basic tasks such as browsing anonymously but SOCKS5 is an updated version of the most stable and advanced protocol. There is also the SOCKS4a version, which solves some problems with name resolution.

In short, a SOCKS5 proxy is better.

The main benefits of a Dedicated server are as follows:

High level of security

You will be the only user to access server, it is more secure than another that is shared with other clients, whose activities could introduce security vulnerabilities. In addition, you can deploy advanced security measures on your server, tailored to your requirements.

Lower Risk of a Blacklist of IPs

By not sharing your IP with other users, there is less chance that your IP address will be blacklisted. The IP of a server becomes a blacklist when it is associated with some kind of malicious activity (eg phishing, spamming, etc.), as considered by an Internet service provider. This has a direct effect on aspects such as email vulnerability, and getting out of that blacklist of IPs can have additional costs.

Administration Access

Dedicated servers guarantee you root access or administrative access to the server. This means that you will not have restrictions when installing software or customize. This type of access allows you to maintain control of the entire server so that you can monitor the use of resources, identify potential threats and resolve them before they can affect the entire server.

Advanced Technical Support

Most web hosting companies offer priority technical support to dedicated server clients since most of these clients host applications of vital importance to their web or online structure. The priority of this support ensures that the applications and services of the server, in case of disruption, will only experience disruptions for a minimum period of time, as short as possible.


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