What Happened When a Dedicated Proxy Receives Request

What Is Dedicated Proxy?

First, you should know what a dedicated proxy is.  A dedicated proxy acts as a host on the dedicated server to handle your HTTP(s) request. Some of the proxy service providers name dedicated proxy as the private proxy. Basically, private and dedicated proxies are one and the same thing. So, both dedicated proxies and the private proxies are meant only for a single user.

What is the Concept behind Dedicated Proxy?

The concept of the dedicated proxy is all about the intermediaries that are being used by the individuals and companies alike. It is often utilized by the individuals who are working for the purpose of surfing online anonymously. In short, we would define them as the mediums or the buffer in between you and your internet. They do have the capacity access as where they are involved in hiding the IP address of the user. Not just the dedicated proxy, but there is a wide range of other proxies as well that are providing you with the extensive sum of services. Some of the proxies will charge you with some amount and many of them are free of cost. All in all, proxies a reliable and sometimes, faster and secure way to use the internet.

What Happened When a Proxy Receives Request?

When a proxy server receives a request for an Internet resource, for example, a Web page, it looks in its local cache of previous pages. If it detects the page, it turns it to the user without requiring to forward the request to the Internet. When the page is turned back, the proxy server correlates it to the original request and readdresses it on to the user. This is one of the intricate services of the dedicated proxies which you cannot figure out until and unless you would not experience it.


Which Proxy Works Best for Online Businesses?

If you want to buy proxy for your business then remember that a dedicated proxy works way better than any other proxy type. You can find lots of proxy types in the market but other proxies cannot work in an accurate manner. Buying cheap proxy is just a waste of time because when you need one for the fulfillment of your business-related tasks. With having dedicated proxies along with a switching application, you will be able to achieve great results and find your work easy. Dedicated Proxy is an excellent program that helps to provide a rotate mechanism for switching between the different IP addresses.

Applications of Dedicated Proxy

You can make the use of the Proxy servers as for both public and private purposes. In the business, a proxy can be used for many purposes and all of them will take your business to success. In a personal computing context, proxy servers are used to provide one’s privacy and control as an anonymous person while surfing.

Difference Between Dedicated and Semi-dedicated Proxies

There is a huge difference between dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated proxies. However, the functioning of both of them seems quite similar. The difference lies in the sharing. The dedicated proxies are free from sharing. It is readily accessible as in favor of a single user. But in the case of semi-dedicated proxies, one is not free from sharing. The proxy is eventually divided among three to five users.


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